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About us


 Welcome to the world and expertise of

Have you been searching for that really hard to find item located in Japan?

For over 15 years our clients have engaged the services of our team to search every corner of the globe for that special item whether it be Antiques, Collectables or Scotch Whisky.

What ever it may be let us do the searching for you. Just email us what you're looking to acquire and the team here at will endeavor to locate it and have it in your possession wherever possible. We also sell for our non English speaking Japanese clientele so our products will vary and in some cases be available for a limited time.

Our store consists of Japanese Woodblocks (Ukiyoe) and Porcelain, Vases and Figurines, Records & Vinyl, Art & Prints, Whisky & Wine and so much more. 

Or check us out on,, &

Our user ID is reallyhardtofind 

All our Credit Card payments are handled through Paypal so you can shop with confidence.

Pricing is in US dollars. 



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