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Terms Of Use


"User" means the person or entity using the website."Owner" means the company that owns the website,"Service Provider" means the company providing the website content management system and hosting services to the Owner for the website."Website" means ""

Agreement to be bound by Terms

It is a condition of use of this site that Users agree to these Terms and Conditions.
By registering to use this site Users agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


The User warrants that they are either the person, or in the case of a corporation, an authorized representative of the corporation,

that is named as the User in the registration form. It is a breach of this User agreement and also a misrepresentation with both potential civil and criminal consequences for a person to register as a User that they are not authorized to represent for this purpose. The Owner reserves the right at any stage to contact a User to confirm both the validity of the account and also the currency and security of the passwords used.


The User agrees to indemnify the Owner and the Service Provider against any claim for loss or damage of any kind by any third party arising out of, or in relation to, the use of the Website by the User.


Material on this site is all the copyright of the Owner or the Service Provider and the copying or use of this information is not permitted unless prior written permission is received from the site owner.


From time to time information that would normally be available through the site may not be able to be accessed online because of technical or other problems. The Owner, and the Service Provider expressly excludes liability to any User of this site in respect of the unavailability of content regardless of whether or not this unavailability is caused by the negligence of the Owner or the Service Provider.

Privacy and Storage of your personal information

It is necessary for the Owner to capture information about you in order to provide the services offered through this website. The use of the information and your rights in respect of it is set out in the Privacy Statement on this Website.

Product Availability

Availability of the products listed on the website is subject to change without notice. Display of an item on the website is not a guarantee that the item is currently in stock and available to be shipped with your order until final confirmation from by owner. We will contact you prior to shipping to advise you, if this is the case. Some items listed on this site may be listed on an auction site if this is the case with an item then user will be sent a link to the auction where they may proceed to bid on the item.


Payment may be made by through Paypal, by credit card (MasterCard or VISA). We accept payment in
US Dollars only. An invoice with payment instructions will be sent to you by email following processing of your order. Goods will be dispatched once payment has been received in full.

Privacy Policy

This statement applies to the

Collection of Information

It is necessary that we collect personal information about you and your business for the purposes of providing the services offered on this website. You have rights in relation to this information and this document sets out these rights.

What we collect

The Owner collects your name, address, contact details and various other items of information relating to your usage of the site and your other business dealings with the Owner.

What we use it for

Your personal information is only used for the purposes of providing the services offered through this website (shipping).

Storage of Information

Your information is kept until the transaction is complete which is 7 days after the delivery has been confirmed and the return policy has under the agreement has expired. Every effort is made to secure this database to prevent your personal information being obtained by third parties.
You have a right at any time to request that you be told what personal information that we hold about you and to request that this information be destroyed.


The storing of cookies on your machine is necessary to identify a buyer during a session on this website. These cookies currently expire within 30 minutes, so if no activity (i.e. page loads) occurs within that limit, the cookie is destroyed and a new one created identifying a new session. Previous information is not retained for that new session.

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